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This piece represents a journey along the river Medway from Aylesford to Maidstone. It starts with monks chanting in the timeless tranquility of the priory close to the medieval bridge. On the voyage upstream the peace of the river is occasionally disturbed. Waves from a boat passing in the opposite direction splash against both banks. A variety of sounds are heard from the modern factories which line a section of the riverbank. The journey ends as another bridge reveals the church tower of the market town; nearby the hustle and bustle on a modern market day is probably no more than it was on a market day in the middle ages when the monks were first chanting in their priory.

The pieces in the Festival Series were written to provide opportunities for recorder players of different abilities to play together. They can all be played by small groups, even one to a part, but they were originally intended for mass-playing - over 300 players on some occasions. The scoring for this piece is:

Details of the technical requirements for each piece are given in the preface of the score:

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