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I teach primarily Classical Guitar. This requires a nylon-strung guitar which is plucked with the fingers. An "acoustic" guitar, with steel strings and generally played with a plectrum, is not suitable.

It is important to buy the right size instrument - as a general rule this depends on the height of the child:

  • 117cms 135cms Half size
  • 136cms 151cms Three quarter size
  • More than 152cms Full-size


Ukuleles are very simple to buy!The standard model is the Soprano Ukulele and can be bought for under 20.


The golden rule with all instruments is to buy from a music shop and not from a toy shop or Argos. A music shop will feel obliged to provide an instrument that is accurately fretted and works properly but a non-specialist shop will not know how to check instruments before sale. Please be very careful if buying on eBay there are a number of established music shops which sell there at good prices but there are also many private sellers who know nothing about the instruments they are offering.

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