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For beginner descant recorder players please only buy one of the following:

  • Yamaha YRS24B (approx 9)
  • Aulos 303 (approx 9)
  • Yamaha YRS-302B (approx 16)
  • Aulos 205 (approx 15)
Other makes of plastic recorder are often poorly tuned and make it harder to play the full range of notes. Old wooden recorders are frequently awful!

More advanced pupils wishing to upgrade will be given advice and taught how to care for a wooden recorder.

The golden rule with all instruments is to buy from a music shop and not from a toy shop or Argos. A music shop will feel obliged to provide an instrument that is in tune and works properly but a non-specialist shop will not know how to check instruments before sale. Please be very careful if buying on eBay there are a number of established music shops which sell there at good prices but there are also many private sellers who know nothing about the instruments they are offering.

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