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Each piece is available as either a large or a small performing set.

A large set contains: 1 score and 20 parts (1 x Sopranino, 2 x Advanced Soprano, 4 x Elementary Soprano, 4 x Intermediate Soprano, 3 x Intermediate Alto/Tenor, 3 x Advanced Alto, 2 x Advanced Tenor, 1 x Bass).

A small set contains: 1 score and 10 parts (1 x Sopranino, 1 x Advanced Soprano, 2 x Elementary Soprano, 2 x Intermediate Soprano, 1 x Intermediate Alto/Tenor, 1 x Advanced Alto, 1 x Advanced Tenor, 1 x Bass)


These pieces are available only in the sets specified. They are not intended for playing by the large groups catered for by the Festival Series.

Further details of these pieces may be obtained (including a Midi file in some cases) by email. To send an email please click here.

You can order from Recorder Music Mail.

The telephone number is +44 (0)1422 882751.

To order by email please click here.

The postal address is:

Recorder Music Mail
Scout Bottom Farm
Hebden Bridge
West Yorkshire

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