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Smaller groups

Three Studies - Ragtime, Ballad and Swingtime - for Sopranos (sometimes divided), Altos and Tenors with piano or electric keyboard accompaniment.

Price per set 7. Set consists of:

Score and 3 copies of each recorder part and 1 copy of accompaniment

Cat no. WMS 13

Valediction - for 3 Sopranos and 3 Altos - a Celtic inspired slow air and jig (a 3 part double canon!).

Price per set 5. Set consists of:

Score and 6 parts

Cat no. WMS 15

Shandos - for 2 Sopranos (one elementary and one more advanced), a Low Whistle (or an Alto and a Tenor Recorder), a Violin and a Keyboard. Whistles in D can replace the Soprano recorders. A drum (preferably a bodhran) can be added.

Price per set 7. Set consists of:

Score and 7 parts - 2 x Soprano 1; 2 x Soprano 2; 1 x Low whistle; 1 x Violin; 1 x Keyboard.

Cat no. WMS 10

Seeking the Shade of Flowers - "A Sissinghurst Idyll" - for solo cello (Grade 8+ and fairly demanding) with recorder ensemble of at least 12 players from Garklein to Great Bass. Duration 5 minutes.

Price for score and set of 13 parts 8.50.

Cat no. WMS 17

Further details of these pieces may be obtained (including a Midi file in some cases) by email. Please click here.

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